Ambassadors Message

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It’s my pleasure to welcome the guests visiting the website of the Embassy of the State of Libya in India. The two countries enjoy diplomatic and political relations since 1969.

This website was created to be the first of its kind for the Embassy of Libya since its establishment. It will provide up-to-date instrument allows communication with the Libyan embassy regarding various transactions. Also facilitate all procedures related to Libyan citizens as well as foreigners wishing to visit Libya.
Furthermore, the website will enhance the distinguished relations between the both countries during this important period of history of Libya, which is going through a significant transformation at all levels.

On this occasion, we invite all Libyan citizens who are in India and those who will pay a visit to this country in the future to take the advantage of the website services, and be the best ambassadors for their country and a bright face to modern Libya.

While we welcome you once again dear visitors hoping the website has met your expectations, we look forward to receive your suggestions and comments on the e-mail of the website.

Should you have any enquiries or indeed suggestions, please do not hesitate to consult the Embassy website at


Dr. Ali.A.S.Al Isawi




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