Foreign Policy


The foreign policy of the State of Libya manifested in international cooperation, understanding, neighborliness, common interests, mutual respect, non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries. Also, applying political and security domestic rearrangements consistent with national objectives. Set up plans, programs and projects that aim to strengthen political and economic relations in the framework of the agreements that the State of Libya has always seeks to implement and commit to, as well principles, international conventions, respect human rights and fundamental freedoms of the individual. Create direct links between the Libyan people and all peoples of the world, adopting measures to support international cooperation through follow-up implementation of the signed agreements with the concerned States. 

The State of Libya shares the world countries support of collective action which represents in joining the international community through international and regional organizations, and pursuit to contribute in the establishment of international peace and security. 

The state of Libya since its independence in 1951 had a great concern in international cooperation. It joined important international agreements in the field of international cooperation such as the United Nations, the Arab League, the African Union and Arab Maghreb Union. The role of the State of Libya was not limited to the cooperation in the framework of international organizations only, but also focused on multilateral cooperation where contributed in the establishment of several agreements, bodies, regional and Arab unions operating in various political, economic, social, cultural , scientific, human rights fields. The following list includes most important agreements and bodies that Libya joined:

  • The United Nations Organization, date of joining 14/12/1955.
  • The Statute of the International Court of Justice, date of joining 14/12/1955.
  • The International Labour Organization, date of joining 06/05/1952.
  • The World Health Organization, date of joining 16/05/1952.
  • The International Monetary Fund, date of joining 30/04/1958.
  • Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, date of joining 30/04/1958.
  • International Organization for Science and Education and Culture (UNESCO) date of joining 30/04/1958.
  • The World Meteorological Organization, date of joining 29/12/1955.
  • League of Arab States, date of joining 1956.
  • Ratification of the Charter of Organization of African Unity, 1963.
  • International Maritime Organization, date of joining 16/02/1970.
  • Ratification the Charter of Organization of the Islamic Conference, 1973.
  • World Tourism Organization, date of joining 1977.
  • Non-Aligned Movement, date of joining 1979.
  • International Atomic Energy Agency, date of joining 08/07/1980.
  • Ratification of the treaty to create the Arab Maghreb Union, 1989.
  • Ratification of the African Union foundation, 2000.


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