India -libya

The Republic of India and the state of Libya enjoy good and distinguished bilateral relations dominated by the similarities of views on many regional and international issues, in addition to bilateral cooperation in various political, economic and trade sectors, which started with the opening of the Indian diplomatic mission in Tripoli in 1969. The Libyan-India relations are distinguished for high level continuity between the two countries which is evident through diplomatic representation which was mostly at the ambassadorial level, which indicates the strength of bilateral relations and looking toward the future, and the most prominent high-level visits is the visit by Indian Prime Minister Ms. Indira Gandhi in 1984.

In the area of ​​international cooperation, India has supported the State of Libya like other friendly countries in many international forums, foremost is welcoming of India to the UN resolution No. 1506 on September 12, 2003 regarding the lifting of economic sanctions upon Libya.

On the economic front, there is a continuing and close relationship which is evident in the trade and economic agreements between the two countries, the most important among them was the agreement signed in 1978 in the field of (industry, economy and scientific cooperation) which is the first joint economic agreement between India and Libya, in addition to many agreements signed the State of Libya with Indian state-owned companies in the field of roads and infrastructure.


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