UN Envoy urges all Libyans to work with the interim security committee appointed by the Presidential Council of the Government of reconciliation.

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary General and Head of United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Martin Kobler, welcomed the decision of the Presidential Council (1/2016) on the formation of an interim security committee to facilitate the implementation of the security arrangements stipulated by the Libyan Political agreement.

The Special Representative Kobler urged all Libyans to support and facilitate the work of the commission and calls all national institutions and concerned security parties to cooperate with the Commission and provide all necessary assistance to facilitate its work. He said that any effort to obstruct the work of these institutions would lead only to worsen the situation in Libya and those who are obstructing the process of peaceful transition of power will be accountable.

The Special Representative further said, “I appeal to all Libyans to unite to support the government of the national reconciliation and institutions emerging from the Libyan political agreement”. He also welcomes the decision of the Presidential Council (2/2016) that prohibits all the executive and administrative authorities from taking any action that could impact upon the structure of these institutions or arranging financial obligations to the State of Libya.


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